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Partnership/Grant Guidelines

The Longfield Family Foundation embraces an emerging philosophy of philanthropic engagement. All monetary gifts are supplemented with non-financial support and guidance. This type of high-engagement philanthropy offers tremendous value, both for foundations and the grantees they support.

This partnership provides grantees access to:

  • The foundation’s network of contacts, which often leads to the allotment of additional resources
  • More rigorous program assessment, which is sustained through funding and foundation staff support
  • Strategic advice about how the organization can better capitalize on its strengths and improve its capacity.

Our mission is to improve urban public education by investing in innovative and effective programs. To achieve this goal, we seek to establish and maintain strong, effective partnerships with our grantees. We believe this kind of collaborative relationship will ensure that we, as a Foundation, use our resources wisely. And, even more importantly, it will help our grantees to be successful. We strive to choose endeavors that will help further solutions to the important educational issues currently affecting Boston Public Schools. We measure our success in terms of improved student achievement.

In most cases, we identify and evaluate all prospective grantees through a careful screening process. We believe this proactive approach strengthens the effectiveness of our investments. It also ensures we choose partners that are aligned with our mission and will be likely to have a strong impact in our areas of interest. Due to our level of direct interaction with our partners, unsolicited proposals are rarely funded. However, interested parties are welcome to send a one- or two-page concept paper with an organization description and project outline, including timeline, cost and expected outcomes to:

The Longfield Family Foundation